Political Campaigns The Importance Of Thank You Cards

Political Campaigns: the Importance of Thank You Cards

Advancing technology may be quickly changing some of the methods we use to run a successful political campaign, but there’s a low-tech necessity that no candidate should ever overlook: hand-written thank-you cards.

political campaign thank you cardAnd I stress hand-written. As we’ve touched on before, political campaign personalization is a very effective way to make your supporters feel appreciated, and you don’t get much more personal than hand-writing your appreciation.

Any office holder or political candidate with half a brain sends thank-you cards to people who donate money to their campaign, but why not go the extra mile? Keep a big supply of cards on hand and send them to people who sign your candidacy petition, people you meet when going door-to-door, people who take a yard sign, and anyone else who you happen to come across while on the campaign trail.

Even people who offer criticism should get a thank-you card. And don’t think that you have to be insincere to send them a note of thanks; let them know that you appreciated their suggestions for improvement.

After all, if you’re serious about being a good elected official, you should be thankful when someone gives you their honest opinion, even if it’s critical of you or your campaign.

Sending hand-written notes of thanks to so many people might take some extra time and money, but it’s an effort that will make you a better elected official . . . and help your campaign immensely. In fact, it’s my opinion that hand-written notes are among the most effective campaign tools you could possibly utilize in a campaign of any size.

Don’t worry about getting too poetic or long-winded in your thank-you notes; a simple thanks and a sentence or two is enough. People don’t want to get a hand-written novel in the mail from you, and you won’t have time to do much more at any rate.

In the final few months of your political campaign, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be writing thank-you cards to voters as part of your regular routine every night. If you aren’t, then it probably means that you aren’t meeting as many voters as you should be on the campaign trail.