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Hire a Personal Trainer to Improve Your Fitness for a Political Campaign

personal trainer with client

So you have decided to improve your body not just physically, but also mentally and emotionally. Well, it would be a great idea if you are going to hire a professional trainer. They are more knowledgeable about the exercises you need to execute to maintain a physically fit and healthy body.

Hiring a personal trainer can help you to maintain your function, health and keep you happy as a human. Are you planning to go for a political campaign? Well, if so, you need to maintain your body and improve your health. Exercising is quite hard at first. This is always true if you are going to perform it yourself alone.

When performing an exercise, you need to have motivation. A personal trainer is the one who can help you to achieve your body and health goals. The following are some of the reasons you need to hire a personal trainer for a political campaign. Read on to see our get fit for a political campaign tips.

  1. Long-Term Motivation and Guidance


As you grow older, you might have a hard time keeping yourself motivated to perform a workout. So, it’s important to have a trainer that will guide and motivate you to finish the current exercise regime you are performing. So, if you are planning for your political campaign, a trainer will make your body and mind more active and body feel more healthy through doing a variety of exercises.

  1. Reduce Injury Risk

Performing the exercises poorly can lead to injuries. A personal trainer will always be there for you to enhance your skills in executing the exercises so you can prevent yourself from getting body injuries.


  1. Learn Life-Long Skills


The main work of a personal trainer is not about giving you the exercises you need to perform. It is also about giving you enough skills, training, guidance, resources, and the right knowledge that will enable you to perform it with yourself. Your trainer will always be at your back, supporting you to enhance your current and future life quality.


  1. Lose Stubborn Fat


As you age, reducing your stubborn fats might be difficult. There are four reasons this could happen; first is because of the inactivity, second, the increase of the calorie intake, third is the hormonal changes and forth is the loss of calorie-burning muscle tissues. A personal trainer is the one who knows how to increase your caloric expenditure and maintain muscle mass.


  1. Get a Healthier Future


Since you are considering for a political campaign, you need to maintain your body healthy. A trainer will guide you to be more knowledgeable in executing your exercises. Keeping the urge inside your mind to maintain your body and life changes will always depend upon your preference. Hiring a personal trainer for a temporary time can help you to create your path for a more functionally, happier, and healthier life in the future.


It is always important to get a happy and healthy body as you age. With a qualified and knowledgeable personal trainer, you can make yourself ready for your political campaign in the future.

5 Ways to Avoid Stress & Stay Healthy in Political Campaigns

healthy person
The damaging effects that stress can have on our health are widely known, and millions of Americans have made a priority of avoiding extended stressful situations to prolong their lives.

Political campaigns are one of the most stressful projects you could be involved with, though (I can attest to that from personal experience on the campaign trail), and candidates often overlook the dangers that a hectic election season can pose to their health.

The stress and health risks of a hard-fought political campaign comes in both physical and mental forms. Physical symptoms can include fatigue and lack of sleep; foot, ankle and knee soreness from many miles of door-to-door work; even problems from the unhealthy and hurried diet you can face on the campaign trail (I should include dog bites, too, since I know I’m not the only candidate who has suffered his fair share of those).

As bad as the physical ailments from hard campaigning are, the mental strain can be even more taxing. There’s a reason why we’ve said that you should get the support of your family before running for office: if you’re in the game to win, then it’s going to be a stressful trip.

There’s no way to take all of the physical and mental stress out of political campaigning, but there are a few simple tips that can help you get through the election season with a minimum amount of damage. Most of it is common sense, but the rules are worth reviewing before you hit the campaign trail.

1. Don’t neglect your family


The well-being of your family life is much more important than the well-being of your political campaign. Running for political office can take a severe toll on your marriage and your family, especially if it involves long hours on the campaign trail away from the people you love.

Maintaining a healthy relationship with your family is an important part of warding off stress and staying healthy. And if you’re political candidate, you’ll need your family to help provide support, love and a safe-haven from the rigors of campaigning.


2. Eat healthy and don’t skip meals

A good diet can help you maintain plenty of energy and an optimistic attitude, and both of these are vital for political candidates. Although you won’t have a whole lot of spare time on the campaign trail, make sure you take efforts to never miss a meal and consume healthy, nourishing foods.


3. Get plenty of sleep

This rule becomes harder to follow as you get closer to election day, even if you’re running in a small local political race. Still, you should never forget how important it is to get a good night’s sleep if you want to do stay as sharp and effective as possible. Tired candidates make plenty of mistakes, and you can’t afford to miss any cues.


4. Delegate jobs to volunteers


If you’ve decided to run for office, then there’s a chance that you’re the type of person who likes to do everything yourself (I know I am). You need to get over your fear of delegating authority, though, if you want to alleviate unnecessary stress and make your campaign more successful.

If you’re faced with a campaign task that can just as easily be done by a willing volunteer, then delegate!


5. Don’t skip (occasional) days off

Setting aside time to focus on things other than campaigning needs to be part of your weekly schedule as a candidate. Play with your kids, go out to dinner with your spouse, take time to work on your favorite hobby . . . just don’t let campaigning intrude on this important time off.

Although you may experience seemingly boundless energy and enthusiasm early in the election season, you risk burning out during the home stretch if you don’t allow yourself an occasional short vacation.

Political Campaigns, Elections & Early Absentee Voting


Brian in Ohio sends us a question about early & absentee voting that we should have answered a long time ago:

“I love your stuff! Is there any way you could write something about absentee voting. I run campaigns and would love to get your insights (right now, a contested Court of Appeals race). I think it is going to be a BIG issue in the future.”
You’re exactly right, Brian: absentee voting–and early voting–is already a big deal here in Ohio, and is going to become an even bigger deal with each election cycle.

early absentee votingI don’t know many details about early & absentee voting in other states, but Ohio allows voters to start casting absentee ballots 35 days before the date of the primary or general election. The percentage of absentee voters rises every year as citizens learn more about the process, and I wouldn’t be surprised if some counties start seeing more people vote absentee than actually come to polling places to vote on election day.

This is a huge game-changer for political candidates who would traditionally ramp up their campaign in the final few weeks of the season in anticipation of the vast majority of ballots being cast on election day. With the high percentage of absentee voters, a candidate in Ohio doesn’t have that luxury anymore.

There are plenty of ways that you can tweak a traditional campaign plan to take advantage of the increasing number of early voters. One important change that I made was to make sure that I ramp up door-to-door and direct mail efforts in the month prior to the absentee vote date . . . not election day, as I did in the past.

In other words, it helps to look at the day that absentee voting starts as election day, and make sure that you’ve thoroughly canvassed the neighborhoods in your district by then. I also make sure that I send out at least one district-wide mailer in the week before the absentee date to remind residents about early voting and reinforce my campaign message.

Of course, you should continue working as hard as you can in the final month of election season, keep knocking on doors, and send out more direct mail. After all, there will still be a large amount of voters casting their ballots on election day, and absentee voters can send their ballots in at any time during the final month of the campaign.

By working hard to ensure that voters know who you are by the day that absentee voting starts, though, you’ll have a huge early advantage over your opponent. In my last campaign, I was amazed at how many other candidates didn’t even really start to ramp things up until the last few weeks of the election . . . when absentee voting had actually started weeks earlier.

Here’s another great thing about working hard to reach out to the early voters: the first votes that get counted and released by the Board of Elections on election night are the absentees. If you’ve done a good job with the absentees, then that means that the first batch of numbers that are released will show you ahead of the rest of the pack.

Of course, winning the absentee vote doesn’t always mean that you’ll go on to win the election . . . but it’s still a good feeling and a good indicator of success when you see that early voters were solidly in your corner.

Trends In Political Campaigning


The political environment around is changing rapidly, which has increased rapidly. This has allowed people to understand the political campaigns which is being done across Europe. Here are some of the trends we see in regards to political campaigning.

Nations are increasingly polarised

The politics in many countries see this polarisation based on Geographic area, gender, age, education and others. There are many politicians who have a view but ignore the other side of the arguments. The moments that are taking place might be an opportunity to help ensure that the political demand for balance and cooperation.

The increasing volatility of the electorate


The electorate is becoming increasingly volatile in Europe, which has allowed us to gain the right experience during the work, especially in developing countries. In Germany, The CDU and The SPD lost 13.7% of their vote share, which made both established parties collapse. The consequences of this campaign can no longer rely on the support of loyal voters. The party has to reinvent itself to help support the voters continuously. A campaign needs to give their voters the ability to understand the part and its. But, there are few challenges for each party which can be challenging for their success.

New challenges for public opinion research

This is related to the development of appealing in a timely manner, which has its very own importance. There is much talk about the challenges one faces in the recent surveys. The Americans pollsters Anna Greenberg have their respects when Donald Trump couldn’t change the basic laws of statistics. The polling industry is facing new and old challenges which have a lot to do with the changing lifestyles of voters where the old ones are hesitant to spend their time on research when it comes to interpreting their data.

Authenticity wins elections

Donald Trump brought reality television to the politics where is trying to incorporate the age of reality into unwilling voters. This one way that he is trying to forgive the leaders and flaws where they are willing to forgive the policy disagreements. Everybody feels for him in front of the camera where he acts and speaks more or less the same behind the camera.

Digitalisation is changing political campaigns


There are many sceptics out there who are trying to make use of social media to help with their election campaigns. There are many who are very adamant about its effectiveness and are trying to make a living out of social media. In recent times there are entire series of focus groups who are working with the millennial who demonstrate the use of digitization to help with the rapid changing in campaigns.

Darth Vader’s Guide to Winning Your Political Campaign


Darth Vader’s Guide to Winning Your Political Campaign

darth vader

You have no idea how hard it is to kiss babies while wearing this thing.

I know what you’re thinking: what does Darth Vader know about political campaigns, anyway?

Most people don’t realize that I’ve done some dabbling in political campaign management, but there are actually a lot of less-than-glamorous projects I’ve had to take on as second-in-command of the Galactic Empire. I’ll bet you’ve never read about my involvement in the Empire’s Environmental Protection Division either, have you?

Ah, well . . . sometimes a job well done is its own reward.

Remember: before my boss permanently dissolved the Imperial Senate, our subject worlds were still under the impression that they got to select their own representatives in fair, democratic elections. Although assassinating Senate candidates that didn’t agree with the Emperor’s agenda solved the problem in most cases, we sometimes had to use more covert methods of influencing local elections. And that meant sending in Imperial agents to help influence the vote on some planets.

So, did playing a part in developing political campaign strategy for candidates in elections across the galaxy make me gain a new appreciation for the democratic process? No, not in the least bit. But I was surprised to find myself admiring the utter inhumanity and unscrupulousness that I observed in a many local politicians; a few of them would have made halfway decent Sith, but for the lack of Force abilities.

political campaign

Me and Palps at his annual spaghetti dinner fundraiser.

In fact, working with politicians made me realize why my master decided to wear the mask of a Senator to hide his true form from the Jedi: people expect politicians to be slimy and exude a loathsome aura, so no one suspected Palpatine of doing anything other than living up to his job description.

Anyway, here are a few of the lessons I learned during my time as a campaign consultant that might come in handy if you’re thinking of running in a local election for office. They’re just basic guidelines, of course, and should be modified to fit the unique characteristics of your planet’s political landscape.

Please feel free to leave a comment if you disagree with any of my suggestions . . . I always encourage constructive criticism!

Oh, and if you have any doubts about my political campaign acumen, go take a look at this.

1. Be Completely Ruthless. Conscience is Merely a Barrier to Political Victory.


“He will join us or die, my master.” –Darth Vader

You know who I was referring to in the above quote? My own son. Seriously. And I totally meant it, too.  Check it out:


You don’t just want to win your political campaign–you want to beat your opponent in a landslide and completely humiliate him to discourage any future challenges. And going around feeling bad about things is simply counterproductive to achieving this goal.

If a campaign strategy works, just do it. Don’t think about whether your tactics are dirty, underhanded, immoral, or destroy someone’s life. As long as it helps your campaign, it’s fair game.

Remember: anyone who dares to challenge your authority deserves to be utterly annihilated. The faster your enemies learn this simple truth, the better.

Just one caveat: don’t kill any political opponents in public if local laws prohibit that kind of thing. While crushing a slacker’s windpipe is a great way to motivate underlings on board an Imperial Star Destroyer, it can prove troublesome if done in a community where you don’t have complete dictatorial control.

2. Learn How to Win Local Elections from a Master Campaigner, Then Overthrow Him.


“When I left you I was but the learner. Now I am the master.” –Darth Vader

It often takes years of scheming to position yourself as absolute ruler of a community, but how does someone who’s new to campaigning tighten his grip on the local populace as quickly as possible?

Here’s my philosophy: never waste valuable time coming up with effective tactics that you could simply steal from someone else.

star wars political campaign

I mean, come on. How the hell did he not see this coming?

When someone becomes a master in a certain field, they inevitably develop the desire to pass on their knowledge to a worthy apprentice. Every community has an “old hand” who knows the ins-and-outs of local politics. It’s your job to endear yourself to that person, learn everything he knows, and then destroy him to make sure he isn’t a threat to your newly-gained power.

Whether it’s the county party chairman, the incumbent elected official, or the deep-pocketed financier, you need to do everything in your power to convince them that you are utterly trustworthy and the natural heir of their knowledge. Just make sure that you don’t dump them until you’ve wrung out every last election secret, volunteer list, and campaign dollar.

It’s best to err on the side of caution when it’s time to remove your former master from power; make sure there isn’t even the slightest chance that he could regain his strength and return to challenge you. Throwing him down a ventilation shaft works wonders, if there happens to be an easily accessible one nearby. Orchestrating a scandal could fit the bill too, I suppose.

3. Manage Your Political Campaign Staff with an Iron Fist.


“I find your lack of faith disturbing.” –Darth Vader

how to win an electon

Don’t want to canvass neighborhoods for the campaign? Wrong answer.

The key to organizing and managing an effective political campaign team–and an effective planetary invasion force, as well–is to make sure your staff regards you with equal parts awe and abject terror. Respect is overrated; underlings will betray a master who they respect, but they aren’t likely to disobey someone if they know they’ll be destroyed for doing so.

If local laws don’t allow you to threaten your election staff with torture or death, then make it clear to them that you’ll relish killing their career prospects and social life if they dare defy you.

You should also make a habit of picking out a random employee to theatrically fire (or strangle; whatever floats your boat) in front of everyone else early in the campaign. Showing your team an example of what happens to those who disobey your orders is a great way to keep everyone in line.

In addition to the stick, however, make sure that you also offer your campaign staff an occasional carrot. Dole out plenty of promises for lucrative political jobs and appointments, and don’t be afraid to guarantee the same position to more than one staffer. You won’t be hiring these boot-licking sycophants for any important positions following your election day victory, anyway.

4. Always Alter Political Deals to Your Advantage.


“I am altering the deal. Pray I don’t alter it any further.” –Darth Vader


No one rocks a cape like I do. No one.

Take it from me: it’s easy to manipulate people to your will if they think they will benefit from your political victory. I’ve always been amazed at what suckers people are when they’re offered a “deal” that is simply too good to be true. Making false political campaign promises is a very effective election strategy if you know how to play on someone’s psychology.

I’m not just talking about the guarantees you give to the voters; any second-rate politician knows how to manipulate the electorate and make empty promises. To really perfect your skill at duplicity, don’t forget to be deceitful with your political allies, as well. People who think they are your “friends” are less likely to suspect that you would be deceptive with them.

Just make sure that you caress every bit of damning information out of your political allies before betraying them, though, in case it’s needed for future blackmail.

There will be plenty of whining from these gullible morons when they realize that they’ve been duped, but here’s a simple way to shut them up: make it clear how much worse things could get if they don’t bend to your will.

And believe me: things can always get worse for someone who isn’t already dead.

5. Intimidate Your Political Opponent and Weaken His Will to Fight.


“You don’t know the power of the dark side.” –Darth Vader

Like you haven’t thought about doing the same thing to that smartass who’s dating YOUR daughter.

Making a political enemy feel helpless, outmatched, impotent and in general fear for his life is a wonderfully effective campaign strategy.

Any opponent who enters a race for the position you covet needs to be quickly reminded just how futile–and dangerous–his efforts are. There are plenty of ways to do this: stealing his campaign yard signs, physically threatening him and his family, even killing his pets.

Believe it or not, psychological intimidation sometimes works even better than physical violence. Spreading lies and rumors about your opponent is a great way to siphon away his support and make him feel dejected and hopeless. And don’t forget to have your underlings do thorough opposition research–most people have skeletons in the closet that can be leveraged to your advantage. If not, simply make them up.

Of course, encasing a political opponent’s best friend in Carbonite and handing him over to a bounty hunter is another great method of intimidation, but it isn’t applicable to every election.

Tips To Increase Your Chances Of Winning A Political Campaign


For most of us, getting into politics is not a career option just because it has a lot to deal with the issues we see in the news. But if you are willing to get into politics, there are many ways that you can make use of the same. There are few simple tips which will make it easy to enter into politics.

Make sure your family is on board

This is one of the most important pieces of information which will allow you to raise a successful campaign. If your family is on board, you are ten times stronger as they can allow you to move forward and grow.

Resign yourself to hard work

Political Campaigning

This is one of the most effective campaign strategies which will allow you to physically and mentally focus on your work. This is also one of the best strategies to help and support candidates who are working hard to earn their jobs. This is a very demanding job, and being mentally prepared can help you get the right stamina for your job requirement.

Have your plan written

Think before and make sure that you are writing your plan down. You need to make sure that you are starting your efforts with the help of a detailed plan where you can roadmap your success and keep track of your budget during the campaigning times.

Find a winnable office

Before you can invest a lot of time in your work, you need to make sure that you have the time, efforts and money to take it. Try to make sure that you are choosing an office which provides you with the right shot to win. This is one of the best ways to start running for the US Senate, which is a smart move.

It is best not to start too high on the ballot

In the US, 8 out of 100 US senate have never held an office who is running for the senate. Try to remember that the most higher the office holders start the more they are going to be a city council person to help them move their way up.

Pick a side

More often than not, the republicans can learn on things to help them work, which starts off to understand the simple were they work. There are people who are trying to take their time are building a string correlated support base. It is important that you need to understand no one ever wins without the support of the grassroots.

Use quality voter data

Voter data matters a lot which can help one get free data from any government officials, which can help one get the right calls. There are many things which can be linked to the voter data where much stuff comes with from the quality vendors.

Why You Sometimes Have to Lose a Political Race to Win

Political Race

Did you know that most first-time candidates for political office lose their race?

losing political raceIt’s true–and, unfortunately, the majority of those who lose their first political campaign don’t come back and try to run for office again. They don’t realize that they’ve already taken the most difficult step in becoming an elected official.

Here’s another fact you might not be aware of: nearly every successful politician in the country has lost a race at one time or another. In many cases, they’ve lost numerous times.

Abraham Lincoln, George W. Bush and Barack Obama are all examples of United States presidents who lost races before they became successful politicians. And on the congressional and state level, there are some elected officials who had to run for years before they finally won a seat.

See a pattern here? The most successful politicians are those who keep coming back after a loss. They know that running for office isn’t just about one election cycle; it’s about running a continuous campaign that raises their name recognition and familiarity each time they are on the ballot.

Am I saying that all you have to do to win is make sure your name appears on the ballot every year? No. If you don’t add hard work and smart campaigning to the mix, then you won’t win regardless of how many times you run for office.

But if you use your initial loss as a springboard to your next political campaign, and you go at it again with optimism and dedication, then your chances of winning the next election will be much better.

If you’re a political candidate who is running in a race that you know will be very difficult for you to win, then here’s some advice: don’t look at it as a single-year campaign. Consider your campaign to be an undertaking of several years if you have to. Accept the fact that you might have to lose a few times before making the inroads necessary to be victorious.

If you do have to run for a seat more than once, though, make sure that you learn from any mistakes you make. Keep records and notes of what was effective and what wasn’t. Keep building your contact lists and your donor lists.

Pour over the voting results to see which precincts you won and which precincts you lost. Hone your campaign, make it sharper and more targeted, and be determined to do better each time your name is on the ballot.

There are few spheres in which someone can ascend so quickly as in politics. One decade a person can be a city council candidate, and the next they can be governor. All too often, these success stories have one important thing in common: they had to lose before they won.