Yard Sign Design Rules: Democrats Blue, Republicans Red?

    Blue Hog Report posted an amusing critique today of political campaign yard sign designs used in local elections. You might not agree with the argument (Democrats should only be allowed to use blue yard signs, and Republicans red?), but it’s an entertaining read nonetheless.

    I especially like BHR’s observations about the local library entrance on election day:

    “Naturally, as a political junkie, I love soaking it all in. Volunteers from various campaigns are waving at me and being friendly, despite having no idea if I will actually vote for their candidate or if they’re even on my particular ballot for local positions; it’s early voting time, and if that one “connection” actually picks up a few votes for their candidate, it was a fruitful day.”

    That’s some good writing. By the way, BHR encourages anyone who sees “a particularly stupid sign” to contact them so they can show it to their readers. Lord knows I’ve seen plenty of lawn signs over the years that would fit into that category.