WordPress for Political Campaign Candidate Websites

    We already touched on the more general topic of creating and implementing a great political campaign website, but let’s focus for a moment on the website management platform that I use for my campaign sites: WordPress.

    I absolutely love WordPress and am more impressed with it every time it comes out with a new update (which is usually every few months or so). While WordPress was originally used as a platform for designing and maintaining blogs, it has quickly evolved into a platform to also manage static websites as well.

    wordpress for political campaigns

    Newspaper websites, political campaign websites, business websites; these and many more are designed and maintained with the WordPress platform, and as it continues to evolve, it becomes more and more simple for the average person to use.

    I don’t just use WordPress for my own political campaign website. I also use it to manage this website and several other sites that I own and operate.

    If you are not a tech-savvy person but you want to create your own political campaign website, then WordPress is a great option. It is free to use, and easy to figure out (and anything you can’t figure out is certain to be easy to find with a quick Google search).

    Additionally, there are thousands of pre-designed WordPress themes that you can quickly and easily plug into your site to change the way it looks and operates.

    The only cost involved in starting a WordPress political campaign candidate website is the annual fee you’ll have to pay a web hosting company in order to host your site. I use a hosting company called Bluehost and am very satisfied with them and their customer service. It only costs about ten bucks a month to host my site with them.
    Setting up a WordPress political campaign website is as simple as this:

    1) Sign up for an account with a web hosting company.
    2) Choose a domain name that hasn’t been taken yet, and register it through your hosing company.
    3) Click a few buttons to install WordPress on your new domanin.
    4) Go into your new WordPress admin panel, pick out a theme, and start publishing content to your new website.

    There are other, more complicated steps involved if you want to make your WordPress political campaign website do more impressive things, but with some time and patience you’ll be very comfortable with the platform itself.

    If you think that you might run for local political office sometime in the future and want to save hundreds (or thousands) of dollars by learning how to design your own campaign website, the WordPress is the answer. I suggest that you set up a test site long before your campaign starts and get comfortable with the way it works.

    And don’t worry if you make any mistakes and have to start over from scratch! That’s part of the learning process. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve screwed up a WordPress website and had to teach myself how to fix things.
    Making mistakes, after all, is a great way to learn how to do something better than anyone else!

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