Using the Apple iPad as a Political Campaign Tool

    I got a kick out of a recent amusing post from AppAdvice about a Polish presidential candidate who is using his new Apple iPad as a tool to help his political campaign.

    Did I say “tool?” Perhaps “prop” is a better word. Waldemar Pawlak apparently travels everywhere with his iPad, making sure that he is holding it whenever a picture is taken of him. He even takes his new tech toy with him on screen if he’s getting interviewed on television.

    As corny as that might sound to voters in the United States, AppAdvice says that showing off his iPad is actually helping Pawlak in the polls:

    “In the same spirit, Waldemar Pawlak, Polish runner for the presidency is playing a similar card, with his iPad. Since a couple weeks, he’s proudly boasting himself as one of the first Polish owners of Apple’s new device and doesn’t skip a chance to show it off. You can even see him bring the device to most of his TV interviews and many believe the impact is clear; it has made him surprisingly popular.”

    Who knows? Maybe carrying an iPad around everywhere you go might help candidates in local elections here in the U.S., too. I’m not going to be the first to try, but I hope Killer Campaigning fans will let us know if it works out for them.

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