Ultimate Guide to Local Elections & Political Campaigns?

    David, a fan from Nevada, wants to know where he can find a foolproof guide to winning political campaigns and local elections. I don’t think he will like our answer, but his question brings up some great points:

    “Hi I’m a fan from Nevada who hasnt but is thinking, about running for political office on a local level. My question is this, where can I buy or get my hands on something like the ultimate guide to winning a local election. Do they even make this kind of political campaign guide, if so please tell us what the best one is to purchase, thanks in advance and great site.”

    Thanks for the question and the compliments, David, but I’ll be honest with you: there really isn’t such a thing as an “ultimate guide” to winning a local election or running a political campaign perfectly. There are some great campaign resources out there–including this blog and several other election strategy websites–but a list of political campaign secrets that are guaranteed to win a race for you just doesn’t exist.

    ultimate guide to political campaigningHere’s why: because the real secret of winning a local election is hard work, and if you aren’t a candidate who is willing to campaign as hard as you can, then no advice is going to change the eventual outcome on election day. A well-written guide to winning political campaigns might help you add direction to your election effort, but it isn’t going to turn a lackluster candidate into a great one. Unless you add hard work into the mix, any recipe for winning a campaign is going to be the wrong one.

    That brings some more advice that anyone who is running for local office needs to keep in mind: when it comes to election books, political campaign strategy guides and the like, be careful what you spend your money on. There are some great resources out there that can help you learn how to win a campaign–I’ve bought a few myself–but make sure you do at least a little bit of research before you purchase any election materials, especially online.

    If you do find a political campaign book or guide online that catches your interest, dig a little deeper and find out more about the author and the website where it’s being sold. If some simple research proves it to be a legitimate tool for winning a local election, then don’t be afraid to make the purchase. But if you aren’t sure about the author’s qualifications or the legitimacy of the website, then it’s best to move on to a safer alternative.

    To reiterate, there really are very useful political campaign guides out there, and they can work wonders for focusing your efforts and providing valuable checklists. But don’t buy anything unless you plan on adding a whole lot of hard work to the recipe, and be careful about who you buy anything from online.

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