Triple Your Political Campaign Volunteer Base With Facebook

    Volunteers are the lifeblood of your campaign. Unfortunately, there’s no magic formula for tripling the number of supporters willing to knock on doors or make calls. I wish there were.

    But there is an easy way to triple the number of people willing to spread the word about your campaign, using Facebook. And that’s what Clayton Lopez discovered in 2009 while running for reelection for City Commissioner, District 6 in Key West, Florida.

    Facebook for Political Campaigns

    Lopez, as popular as he was (and he still is), with a constituency of only 2,616 registered voters, had to get out the vote with a small volunteer team that you could count with one hand. Lopez faced the same challenge that every candidate faces: people are too busy to volunteer. So he tried something new.

    At his kick-off event, between singing a few songs (it seems that everyone’s an artist or performer in Key West!), Lopez captured 18 video endorsements from roughly 30 attendees, and posted these on his Facebook page.

    Within two and a half weeks, his fanbase grew by 25%. Week over week, media views on his page skyrocketed by 1,613%. And in the five weeks leading up to the election, these 18 video endorsements were shared and viewed a total of 784 times, for an average of 43.55 views per video. So rather than delivering his campaign message to only 30 attendees that day, the 18 people that volunteered their video endorsements helped Clayton get the word out to over 20 times that many people.

    So here’s the bottom line. It’s easy to triple the number of supporters willing to volunteer some time to support your campaign in a powerful way. All you have to do is provide them with this simple volunteering activity, which takes less than ten seconds.

    And if “tripling” sounds too conservative for you, and you want to capture video endorsements at every event, and in every way possible, look into the new Endorser Facebook application which was developed to handle an unlimited number of video endorsements, as well as videos submitted via smart phones. Endorser also provides supporters with the opportunity to share your official campaign videos and positive news articles as well… which are two additional ways for your supporters to volunteer a few more seconds of their time.

    Oh, I almost forgot. Lopez was handily reelected, with 73% of the vote.