Term “Senior Citizens” Was Coined in a Political Campaign Election

    This one doesn’t surprise me: according to The Senior Times, the term “senior citizens” was actually made up by a candidate running in a political campaign for office early last century. Hat tip to Elder Care Residential Services for this bit of campaign knowledge:

    “The Senior Times, an online newspaper published in Quebec, Canada, says the term “senior citizen” appears to have been coined “as a euphemism for ‘old person’ during a 1938 American political campaign.”

    senior citizens political campaign

    Eventually, the Senior Times said, the term was shortened by some to “senior,” a term also used to refer to members of a graduating class in high school or college.”

    Apparently, some older Americans are starting to take offense at the term “senior.” Personally, you people can call me whatever they want when I hit the age of 50 . . . as long as I can start getting discounts.

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