Stakes, Wickets & Stands for Political Campaign Yard Signs

    Political campaign yard signs are the cornerstone of many local elections for office, and candidates often devote a large chunk of their campaign budgets toward purchasing them. Although we’ve cautioned in the past against relying to much on yard signs, they are a resource that every candidate needs to have in some degree in order to run an effective campaign.

    yard sign standsWe’ve discussed political campaign yard sign design in past articles, but haven’t devoted much time to an equally important element: yard sign stands (or stakes and wickets, depending on what you call them). Without stakes and wickets, political campaign yard signs become pretty useless, as they can’t be placed in any yards at all.

    First, let’s recap the two different types of campaign yard signs and the benefits and shortcomings of both. The first type of yard signs are constructed of corrugated plastic, or Coroplast. These are, by far, my favorite type of yard signs to purchase. They hold up to the wind and rain, look better, and last longer.

    The downside is that corrugated plastic yard signs they are slightly more expensive to purchase. In the long run, though, I personally think they save you money, since there will be more left to pick up and use for the next election after your race for office is over.

    The second type of yard signs are made of folded cardboard, poster board or plastic bags. They cost much less to purchase in bulk, but look a lot cheaper and get destroyed and ripped easily in the wind and rain. Many political candidates still use these types of yard signs because of the affordability factor, but I’m not fond of them.

    The type of stakes or wickets you use depends upon what type of yard signs you purchase. Corrugated plastic (or Coroplast) yard signs are usually supported by wire H-Frame stakes that insert directly into the sign and allow you to use a horizontal cross-bar to step on and push the wire directly into the ground more easily.

    Another new type of metal stake for use with corrugated plastic yard signs simple single metal stakes that are purportedly even more resilient and strong than H-Frame wickets. (A company called CampaignPros has developed a variation of the single stake called The Beefy Stake that they claim is the most effective yard sign stake on the market).

    If you decide to go with cardboard, poster board or plastic bag yard signs (which I don’t suggest), the you will have to buy U-Frame stakes to support them. The U-Frame wickets allow you to simply slip your cardboard sign over the frame and push it into the ground, but I have found that they bend and get uprooted much more easily.

    Remember: if you run a good political campaign, they type of yard signs you use will have little to do with whether you win or lose. You can run a winning campaign regardless of what kind of yard signs, stakes and wickets you use, but you’ll quickly discover the positives and negatives of different designs.