Should Political Candidates Campaign on Sundays?

    Thomas, a fan in Tennessee, has a good question for us about whether or not political candidates in local elections should campaign on Sundays:

    “Do you think it is wise to campaign door to door on Sunday? I am in the bible belt in Tennessee but I don’t want to waste a perfectly good opportunity to campaign.”

    That’s a great thing to consider before planning your door-to-door campaign, Thomas. While local election candidates should take advantage of every spare minute they have to campaign, you definitely don’t want to turn people off by bothering them at home on important days.

    campaigning on sundays

    While northeast Ohio isn’t exactly in the Bible Belt, I’ve also had similar concerns about offending churchgoers by knocking on their doors on Sunday. On the other hand, there’s no way that I’m going to skip an entire day of valuable political campaigning that could help me win on election day.

    Here’s the solution I came up with: I just don’t knock on doors on Sunday. Instead, I drop political campaign literature at homes in my targeted neighborhoods with a message like “thanks for your support!” written on them.

    This is a nice compromise that will get your message out to the voters without bothering them personally.

    And remember what I’ve suggested about door-to-door campaigning in the past: if you live in a smaller community, then there’s no reason for you to knock on doors in a neighborhood more than once.

    Once you’ve knocked on every targeted door in your community, you should speed things up by simply dropping door cards on your second and third times through the neighborhoods. Every time you drop literature to an entire neighborhood, it’s like mailing out a targeted bulk mailer!

    One caveat to this advice: on holidays like Independence Day, Labor Day and etcetera, I don’t do any door-to-door campaigning at all. Even if you are just dropping fliers at people’s houses, some homeowners do tend to get offended by candidates doing any campaigning in their neighborhoods on holidays.

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