Saddle Box: a Monthly Subscription Box for Horse Owners

    Okay, I admit it: this post doesn’t have a whole heck of a lot to do with political campaigning.

    I’m really excited, though, because my family and I just kicked off a new business: Saddle Box, a monthly subscription box for horse lovers. If you know anyone who is a horse owner, I hope you’ll share it with them!

    Horse Subscription Box

    Every month, Saddle Box mails subscribers a box full of treats, grooming products and other cool surprises that horses will love. We also include something special for horse owners in every box, too.

    A Saddle Box subscription costs $37.95 per month, and the items inside each box have a retail value of $40 to $100. And here’s something I’m particularly proud of: every year, we’re going to donate a percentage of our profits to horse rescue organizations to assist in rescuing abused and abandoned horses.

    This has been a real labor of love for me and my family. We didn’t just choose this business randomly . . . my wife Sharon, daughter Sophie and I are horse owners ourselves, and we are passionate about helping horse rescue organizations.

    Thanks for taking a second to learn about SaddleBox . . . if you have a horse, I hope you’ll subscribe! 🙂



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