Political Campaigns, Local Elections & Strategic Marketing

    Take a minute to go read a really good post on the J.M. Field Marketing Blog today about the similarities between well-run political campaigns and well-run strategic marketing campaigns. They do a great job of showing how successful political candidates can be in campaigning for office if they apply smart marketing techniques to their election effort.

    election political marketing

    Keeping your campaign message short and focused, identifying what will appeal to your target audience, and strategic timing aren’t just elements of a successful marketing effort for products, but also for political candidates. Here’s a snippet from the post:

    “Third, and lastly is timing. The difference between salad and garbage is timing. People buy things when they need them, and people’s needs change on a regular basis. It is important to find a means of communication that targets the right customers at the right time. Utilizing all three of these strategies in a marketing campaign will allow you to grow your business.”

    Voters’ needs change on a regular basis, too. Plenty of political campaign candidates running in local elections for office have doomed their chances at the polls by focusing on issues that the voters couldn’t care less about.

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