Political Campaign Logos for Local Election Candidates?

    Matt in Utah sends this week’s election question:

    “When candidates in a local elections are designing yard signs, brochures, billboards and etcetera, should they create a unique political campaign logo that everyone will recognize? I am thinking of candidates for higher office, like presidential, senatorial and governors, who have their own campaign logos on materials. Thanks a bunch.”

    No problem, Matt. Here’s your short answer: no, you don’t need to design a unique political campaign logo if you are a candidate in a local campaign.


    Now for the longer answer. I’m not quite sure what you mean specifically when you write “political campaign logo,” but I’m assuming you mean the artistic design, colors and images that are used on a candidate’s yard signs, ads, banners and etcetera.

    I suppose, in that respect, that any local candidate who chooses a specific yard sign design–you know, one of the endless “stars and strips” type designs you see during election season–has their own “campaign logo.” That design is reproduced on hundreds of lawn signs and mailers, and sticking with the same look is a great way to brand your campaign and make your name more memorable.

    I think the best successful example of a real “political campaign logo” would be the famous Barack Obama “O” logo that could be seen in so many places during the 2012 presidential election. This was really a professionally-designed logo in earnest, and was so popular that it became a part of contemporary culture. The Obama campaign, though, was an entire countrywide political movement in itself, so it sort of lent itself to having an official logo.

    Think for a moment, though, how silly the voters would think a local candidate was if he had a special, unique campaign logo designed–in the mold of the Obama “O”–just for his candidacy. That would probably seem pretty arrogant and ridiculous.

    So if you’re thinking about designing a unique political campaign logo for your local race, don’t do it. Stick with the tried-and-true “stars and stripes” type logos that you’re used to seeing. If you want to get really bold and original, you can try making your yard signs stand out a bit with an unusual or eye-catching design.

    Remember: if you’re running for City Council, Mayor or County Commissioner you don’t need your own branded campaign logo. You might think you’re a pretty amazing candidate, but the voters won’ t be as impressed.

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