Political Campaign Fundraising: Request Donor Contribution Money

    Soliciting contributions for your local political campaign could be the subject of an entire book of its own, and we plan to post plenty of future tips about things that candidates can do to raise money. Let’s talk for a moment about initial fundraising requests from donors who might help you win your election.

    political campaign fundraisingShowing potential contributors exactly what their hard-earned money will be spent on is a great way to earn their trust and let them feel that they are playing a vital role in your campaign. Many people, even supporters who plan on casting their vote for you, will be hesitant to donate to your campaign because of a legitimate reason: they don’t know what their contribution will be spent on.

    Here’s an idea: why not let them personally choose what their political campaign donation will buy to help you win on election day? By listing donation levels and illustrating exactly what that amount will let your campaign purchase, your supporters will gain a much better appreciation for how much their financial support can accomplish.

    Here’s a quick, simplified example of the type of item-specific campaign fundraising letter that I’m talking about:

    Your donation will go a long way in helping us get our message out to the community. Please let us know exactly what you want your political contribution to purchase:

    $10 – Two Small Campaign Yard Signs
    $25 – One Large Campaign Lawn Sign
    $100 – One Ad in the Local Newspaper
    $250 – Printing of 5,000 Campaign Postcards

    While this shouldn’t be the only type of political campaign contribution letter you send to potential donors, letting your supporters know exactly what their money is paying for is a great way to encourage them to invest in your candidacy.

    One very important thing to remember if you do use this fundraising technique: you’re telling your contributors that their donation will be applied to purchasing a specific item, so make sure you follow through with the promise. Don’t be surprised if a supporter comes to you and asks to see the yard signs or flyers that their contribution paid for!