Political Campaign Election Candidates with Funny Names

    We’ve focused before on political campaign candidates running for office with long, funny, or downright strange and weird names. Whether you have an unusual first or last name, you might be worried about how it will affect your electability if you’re campaigning for votes in a local election.

    Young BoozerThere are plenty of politicians who have been elected with funny names, and nothing so trivial should keep you from running for office if you’re truly dedicated to serving your community. In fact, as we’ve mentioned here before, a unique name–even if it brings smiles to the voters’ faces–can make you more memorable if you run a great political campaign.

    If you’re a political candidate with a long, funny or unusual name, then there’s someone who you should meet: Young Boozer, a candidate for State Treasurer in Alabama. In addition to an impressive resume, Boozer has an amusing name . . . and he doesn’t shy away from it.

    His campaign motto of “Funny Name, Serious Leadership” is very memorable, and he even starts out his political campaign commercial by saying “yes, that’s my real name.”

    I don’t know how Young Boozer will fare in his election efforts, but you have to admire the guy for jumping into the political arena with such a humorous name. If Boozer can make a respectable run for higher office with a name like his, than nothing is stopping you from doing the same.

    UPDATE: Yup, Young Boozer won his election. Way to go, State Treasurer Boozer!

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