Political Campaign Comebacks After Being Down in the Polls

    There are plenty of examples of political candidates being far behind in the polls and coming back to catch up with their opponents and win the election in the final days of the campaign.

    What does this mean for a candidates running in smaller, local elections where the absence of political polling means that no one really has a good grasp on which candidate has momentum going into the final weeks of a campaign? Well, for one, it reinforces the idea that you should work as hard as you can right up until election day, and always assume that you are ten points behind your challenger.

    political comeback

    If you’re doing what you need to do to win your local election, then you’ll get a good feel for how your race is going as you meet voters in their neighborhoods. They’re either going to know who you are, or they aren’t. If you find that there are lots of people out there who haven’t heard of you, don’t let it get you down–instead, look at it as an opportunity to come from behind and utilize the final weeks of the election in the most effective ways possible.

    Giving up when you get the feeling that you’re lagging behind your opponent in support is a sure-fire way to lose your election. Putting things into overdrive and being determined to make a political campaign comeback, though, is often just what a candidate needs to get the attention of voters and snatch victory from the jaws of defeat on election day.

    Regardless of how well your political campaign is going, there are going to be days when you feel like you’re falling behind your challenger. Always keep in mind, though, that there are few political deficits that can’t be made up by a great performance in the final weeks of a campaign.

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