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Phil Van Treuren

Hi! My name is Phil Van Treuren, and I’ve worked as a paid consultant and volunteer on dozens of local, state and federal political campaigns. I started Political Campaigning Tips to help candidates for elected office learn from my successes (and mistakes) on the campaign trail. Regardless of your party or the seat you’re running for, the strategies and tactics on this website will help you win your local political campaign.

Are you looking for advice on how to win a political campaign? My campaign philosophy is simple: I believe that anyone can run a great campaign for elected office and win, regardless of their background or experience. All it takes to win is hard work, discipline and a positive attitude!

I’m not just a former political consultant and journalist -- I’ve also been elected to office! I have a passion for helping local political candidates win their elections, and I’d love to help you. I don’t care about your political party, if you’re a man or woman, or if you’re young or old . . . I only care about your desire to win!

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Phil's Most Recent Political Campaign Strategy Posts


Local Politics: How to Start a Successful Political Blog

    Are you thinking about starting your own local political blog, but aren’t quite sure what steps you need to take in order to make it a widely-read success?

    The Blogosphere is home to thousands of politics websites, thanks in large part to the development of user-friendly, inexpensive blogging platforms like WordPress

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    campaign flyers literature

    Campaign Flyers, Door Cards, Brochures, Literature?

      Regardless of where you live, odds are that you’ve gotten some sort of professionally printed paper on your door from a local political campaign candidate asking for your vote. Depending on which part of the country you hang your hat, however, you might call those printed campaign papers any number

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      Election News: Learning from Other Political Campaigns

        If you’ve ever considered running for local office, then following election news from across the country is one of the best things you can do to learn how to run a good political campaign. Watching the successes and failures of other candidates is a great way to formulate your own

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        politician mustache beard

        Why Politicians Don’t Have Mustaches, Beards & Facial Hair

          One of the first political candidates I ever volunteered for was a great guy who was running for county commissioner against an unpopular incumbent. Our candidate ran a great political campaign, raised lots of money and inspired plenty of grassroots support. On election day, though, he ended up losing by

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          election day

          Local Election Date: What Day Do We Vote, Anyway?

            When you’re a candidate in a local political campaign, the election date is seared in your mind; it represents the culmination of months of tireless work, the day when voters will finally be able to go to the polls and cast their ballots for or against your candidacy.

            When you’re that

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            Political Science Degree for Careers in Campaigns & Elections?

              Andreana writes an interesting post over on our Facebook Page today:

              “This site continues to be AWESOME! I should have been a Political Science major instead of Journalism. I’ve always been fascinated by politics!”

              Thanks for the compliments, Andreana; we’re glad you like our site. But don’t fault yourself for not getting

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              Political Campaign & Election Law: Candidate Ethics

                While political campaign ethics are often an issue in large, high-profile elections, local candidates in small districts rarely need to have more than a rudimentary understanding of campaign and election law. Still, it’s good to occasionally go over the basics, and I want to take a moment to focus on

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                Learn How to WIN Your Election!

                book how to win electionOur book “How to Launch a Kick-Ass Campaign . . . and WIN!” is more than 100 pages of tested advice that covers all the most important elements of kicking off your race.

                Take your first step toward victory on Election Day! Download your own copy today.