Is Evolution Still a Big Political Campaign Election Issue?

    I might be showcasing my own ignorance here, but I was surprised to see a post from Irtiqa that highlights a contentious political campaign ad that tries to skewer Alabama Governor candidate Bradley Byrne for his opinions on evolution and intelligent design. And to tell you the truth, even after reading the post and watching the video, I’m not 100% clear on what the two sides’ respective positions are.

    Is the theory of evolution and creationism really still a big campaign issue in some parts of the country? I live in northeast Ohio, and I can’t recall ever seeing the topic mentioned during election season. I know that important election issues differ from state-to-state and district-to-district, though.

    Do political candidates in your neck of the woods get grilled about their positions on teaching the theory of evolution in public schools, intelligent design, and creationism? If so, which way does the public opinion tilt on the issue? And are there any local election candidates you know of who have made it the centerpiece of their campaigns?

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