Great Use of Personal Narrative by City Council Candidate Mary Springowski

    One thing I mention here repeatedly is the importance of weaving an engaging narrative in your local election and making sure that you use elements of your unique story in every piece of campaign communication.

    It’s always a pleasure to see campaign materials from a local candidate that tell an engaging story in a new way that I’ve never seen before. The piece below from Lorain, Ohio city council candidate Mary Springowski is just terrific.

    Rather than relying on words, the front of Mary’s piece effectively uses engaging photos to showcase her family and community involvement. On the back, she doesn’t just list policy and resume points . . . she also gives voters “A Taste of Mary’s Heritage” by including a few of her family’s favorite traditional Irish recipes.

    The back of Mary’s piece is effective for a few important reasons. First, it helps tell her weave a strong personal narrative of her proud family heritage. Secondly, it provides useful, engaging information to an important demographic: female voters. (Mary is the only female candidate in a primary race with several opponents.)

    Kudos to Mary’s campaign for weaving her storyline into a great piece that also makes effective use of imagery and provides something of value to the voters. I’m betting that this piece will work very well for her campaign! (Click the images below to see full size.)

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