FEC & Internet Neutrality: Bad for Political Bloggers?

    We usually stick to political campaign and local election strategy here on this site, but I have a quick question for any readers who run partisan political blogs: what do you think about the efforts of the Federal Election Commission to regulate political speech online?

    I haven’t followed the developments very closely, but The Blog Herald has an interesting post today about the federal government’s plans concerning net neutrality. Here’s a snippet:

    It look like American bloggers could face a new threat that may make people think twice before criticizing their political leaders online.

    Apparently the US government thinks bloggers are becoming a public hazard, and like a few other industries (i.e. airplanes, banks and nuclear power plants) need to be regulated by the government (in this case the Federal Election Commission).

    According to The Blog Herald, this law could theoretically extend to Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks, as well, although its chances of surviving a Supreme Court decision look slim.

    So, if you’re a blogger who covers politics, what do you think of the FEC’s actions when it comes to regulating political speech online? Is The Blog Herald presenting the whole story, or is there more to tell?

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