Facebook Privacy Changes Good for Political Campaigns?

    Could easier access to potential voters’ personal data be of big benefit to candidates running political campaigns for office? That’s what a post on SFWeekly suggests, noting that the administrators of political Facebook fan pages will now have access to lots of juicy voter information that could help a candidate mine for supporters, volunteers and contributions:

    “Think of all the useful things a politician can learn from his “Facebook fans,” said San Francisco political consultant Jim Ross. He uses the Facebook group FixMuniNow — of which he is a “fan” — as an example. The keepers of that page can now access far more of their fan’s information than before. “They could run all of us folks against the voter file, right?” says Ross. “They could say, ‘Jim, you’re not registered to vote.’ Or ‘Hey, Jim — you live in precinct so-and-so. Would you be a precinct captain?’ They wouldn’t have known that stuff before.”

    We’ve talked before ab out the importance of having a Facebook fan page–even if you’re a candidate running for office in a smaller local election. Facebook pages aren’t just useful for politicians who have hundreds or thousands of fans, but can also help candidates who only have a few dozen followers.

    If you’re a candidate running a political campaign for elected office and haven’t started a Facebook page yet, there’s no time like the presence to hop on board.