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Why I HATE Political Campaign Yard Signs

    Okay, confession time: I hate yard signs.

    I’ve worked on dozens of political campaigns: local, statewide and even presidential races. In every campaign, there was one thing that inevitably wasted more time and energy than anything else: yard signs.

    Even seasoned, experienced political candidates who know better still end up wasting their

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    Candidate Website on Political Campaign Yard Sign: Yes or No?

      Here’s a quick question we got from Sarah in Arizona:

      “I’m a local political candidate who is running a campaign for office in a medium-sized town in Arizona. I have a campaign website that I would like people to visit, do you think that I should put my website address on

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      Yard Sign Design Rules: Democrats Blue, Republicans Red?

        Blue Hog Report posted an amusing critique today of political campaign yard sign designs used in local elections. You might not agree with the argument (Democrats should only be allowed to use blue yard signs, and Republicans red?), but it’s an entertaining read nonetheless.

        I especially like BHR’s observations about the

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        Stakes, Wickets & Stands for Political Campaign Yard Signs

          Political campaign yard signs are the cornerstone of many local elections for office, and candidates often devote a large chunk of their campaign budgets toward purchasing them. Although we’ve cautioned in the past against relying to much on yard signs, they are a resource that every candidate needs to have

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