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negative political campaigning

Why “Going Negative” in a Local Election Rarely Works

It’s a good idea to plan for your opponent going negative on you in a local election, but that doesn’t mean you should plan for going negative on your opponent.

Here’s an unfortunate truth: in large political campaigns – congressional, gubernatorial or presidential races – negative campaigning, when done correctly, works

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political campaign paper

Win Your Local Election With a 2,000 Year Old Secret

Websites. Smart phones. Social media. Email. Digital cameras. Video recorders. All of these modern marvels can play an important role in winning a local election, and the smart candidate will incorporate all of them into their campaign. But in a local race, your most valuable tool is actually something that

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write for election

A Secret Weapon for Your Political Campaign: Handwritten Messages

There’s no doubt about it: electronic devices make our lives easier and are essential for political campaigns. I can’t imagine trying to win a local election without the benefits of social media, spreadsheets, laser printers and Photoshop. But the ever-increasing popularity of electronic tools have had one bad side effect:

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election petition signatures

Smart Signature Gathering: Using Your Petition as a Campaign Tool

The rules for getting yourself on the ballot differ depending on what office you’re running for, where you’re running, and whether you’re filing as a partisan or independent candidate.

In partisan cities, for example, candidates for municipal office filing as a Democrat or Republican need to get a specific number of

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Learn How to WIN Your Election!

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