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Recruiting Voters on Reddit: Social Media for Political Campaigns

This guest post was written for by Paul DiGiovanni.

Every campaigning politician should stay up-to-date with where their constituents are spending time online. Each new online platform provides an opportunity for a politician to connect with voters on their territory. This article will focus on reddit, an emerging community website

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Facebook Fan Pages, Groups in Political Election Campaigns

Melissa, a political campaign candidate who is running in a local election in California, writes us with a question about using Facebook Fan Pages and Groups:

“. . . I know that political candidates can use Facebook to help raise money and find volunteers, but should I start a Facebook Fan

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linkedin for political campaigns

Candidates Using LinkedIn for Political Campaigns?

It’s time to look at another popular social media tool and how it can be used in elections and political campaigns: LinkedIn, which is a networking site that connects people with similar careers and resumes. Unlike Twitter and Facebook, however, it takes a bit more planning and work to use

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Facebook Pages for Political Candidates and Campaigns

We’ve explored the broader concept of using online social media to promote political candidates and campaigns, but Facebook is probably the best Internet social networking website for generating votes, volunteers, supporters and donations. While many local politicians prefer to use good old-fashioned shoe leather campaigning and eschew new technologies, it’s

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Facebook Privacy Changes Good for Political Campaigns?

Could easier access to potential voters’ personal data be of big benefit to candidates running political campaigns for office? That’s what a post on SFWeekly suggests, noting that the administrators of political Facebook fan pages will now have access to lots of juicy voter information that could help a candidate

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Facebook Ads Advertising for Political Campaigns & Candidates

Yesterday we focused on Google AdWords advertising for political campaigns, which is more suited for medium to large local elections. Today, I’d like to talk about another form of online advertising that can be much more effective for candidates in smaller local elections: advertising with Facebook ads.

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youtube for political campaigns

YouTube Political Campaign Videos for Local Elections

Until recently, filming and distributing effective political campaign videos was an expensive venture that was limited to candidates who raked in tons of cash in big elections. Thanks to YouTube and other free video-sharing websites, though, even local candidates can create inexpensive videos to share with supporters or embed on

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Twitter for political campaigns

Political Campaign Tweets: Twitter, Candidates & Elections

Okay, we chatted about using social media in general for political campaigns, and even hit specifically on Facebook Fan Pages. Now let’s take a second to look at how Twitter can help political candidates run better campaigns and keep supporters updated with occasional online “tweets.”

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