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Campaign Nonsense: Newspaper Removes Candidates From Photo

    This has to be one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard of a local newspaper doing. Apparently The Dominion Post, a newspaper published in Morgantown, West Virginia, decided to completely remove the images of three elected officials who appeared in a picture showing the governor signing a bill

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    Local Political Campaign Ideas: The Monthly Press Release

      Here’s a quick and effective political campaign idea that I’ve used in my own runs for local office: the monthly press release to local newspapers and media.

      Most local candidates in smaller races don’t start campaigning until the last month of election season. Many of them end up winning their race,

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      Earned Media vs. Paid Media in Political Campaigns

        While the average person might blanch at being featured in the newspapers or on the local news station, political campaigns often burn the midnight oil trying to orchestrate newsworthy events that will get the media to pay attention to their candidate. All publicity isn’t created equal for political candidates; damaging

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        Local Election Coverage: Media & Your Political Campaign

          We’ve covered the topic of earned media in local elections before, and I’d like to focus more on what kind of expectations you should have for election coverage if you’re a candidate in a smaller, local political campaign.

          The unfortunate truth is that most candidates in local political campaigns are only

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          Political Campaign Endorsements Are Useless in Local Elections

            . . . which we have said before on this site, although some of our readers disagree. Larry Powell is a political communications expert who teaches at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, and his revelations in this article are worth checking out. Here’s a snippet:

            “In general, endorsements are worthless

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            How to Write a Great Political Campaign Press Release

              We recently focused on using earned media to bring attention to your political campaign without spending money, and writing a political campaign press release (and distributing it to the right newspapers and media outlets) is the first step in the process. Political campaign press releases, if done the right way,

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              Political Candidate Endorsements: Do They Help Campaigns?

                Many new candidates in local political races scramble to get as many endorsements as they can from well-known public figures, current officeholders and community organizations. They think–mistakenly–that the right endorsement can make them a shoo-in for winning the election if only they can let the voters know who is supporting

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