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What Kind of Political Campaign Literature Should I Hand Out?

Your campaign door card is the most important tool you’ll have when you start walking neighborhoods (except for your own smiling face, of course). In fact, many voters will probably see the stuff you drop at their doors more that they’ll see you, so it’s worth focusing some time on

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Door-to-Door Political Campaign Literature & Post Office Mailboxes

Here’s some advice I was reminded of this morning that’s very important to know for any local election candidate who plans on doing lots of door-to-door political campaigning. If you’re leaving campaign literature, fliers, brochures or door cards at people’s houses, make sure your stuff doesn’t come in contact with

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Campaign Flyers, Door Cards, Brochures, Literature?

Regardless of where you live, odds are that you’ve gotten some sort of professionally printed paper on your door from a local political campaign candidate asking for your vote. Depending on which part of the country you hang your hat, however, you might call those printed campaign papers any number

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