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Learn How to Run and Win Your Local Election

Phil Van Treuren

Hi! My name is Phil Van Treuren, and I’ve worked as a paid consultant and volunteer on dozens of local, state and federal political campaigns. I started Political Campaigning Tips to help candidates for elected office learn from my successes (and mistakes) on the campaign trail. Regardless of your party or the seat you’re running for, the strategies and tactics on this website will help you win your local political campaign.

Are you looking for advice on how to win a political campaign? My campaign philosophy is simple: I believe that anyone can run a great campaign for elected office and win, regardless of their background or experience. All it takes to win is hard work, discipline and a positive attitude!

I’m not just a former political consultant and journalist -- I’ve also been elected to office! I have a passion for helping local political candidates win their elections, and I’d love to help you. I don’t care about your political party, if you’re a man or woman, or if you’re young or old . . . I only care about your desire to win!

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Phil's Most Recent Political Campaign Strategy Posts

Political Fundraising: 4 Tips for First Time Candidates

    This is a guest post from Jerry Ashbrook, a political consultant based in Tampa, Florida.

    I’ve worked on dozens of different local political races, and I’ve met very few candidates who enjoy asking supporters for money. Raising money isn’t fun. It doesn’t matter if you’re a first time candidate or a

    New Online Political Campaign Fundraising Option: GoFundMe

      TechCrunch has a post today about a new online group fundraising website, called GoFundMe, that might be a great option for political campaign candidates looking to take donations on their site and track contributions with an interesting social media layout.


      PayPal Political Campaign Donations: Online Fundraising & Contributions

        Good question today from Sue in Minnesota, who wants to know how to use PayPal for receiving online political campaign donations:

        “Hi from a huge fan! I know that you have written in the past about political campaign websites and how valuable they can be for fundraising and online donations. I

        Political Campaign Fundraising: Request Donor Contribution Money

          political campaign fundraising

          Soliciting contributions for your local political campaign could be the subject of an entire book of its own, and we plan to post plenty of future tips about things that candidates can do to raise money. Let’s talk for a moment about initial fundraising requests from donors who might help

          How to Build a Political Campaign Fundraising Donor List

            political campaign donor list

            There’s a reason why established politicians have the ability to raise such a large amount of money for their campaign war chests: after years of holding office and shaking hands, they’ve amassed a giant list of people and organizations they can count on to donate money for their next run.