Candidate Website on Political Campaign Yard Sign: Yes or No?

    Here’s a quick question we got from Sarah in Arizona:

    “I’m a local political candidate who is running a campaign for office in a medium-sized town in Arizona. I have a campaign website that I would like people to visit, do you think that I should put my website address on my lawn signs? Thank you!”

    The best answer to your question basically has to do with how much room you have on your sign, Sarah. I’ve said before that yard sign designs and colors don’t matter as much as how hard you campaign, but one unforgivable sin when it comes to lawn signs is jamming too much stuff into too small a space.

    political campaign sign

    The best local political campaign yard sign is one that simply and effectively broadcasts your name and the office you are running for (although even the office isn’t entirely necessary). If including a website address in the mix makes your yard signs too busy and overwhelming for the average voter to take in while they are driving by in a car, then you might want to re-think your design.

    Of course, a lot of this has to do with the length of your name and the length of your website address. If you are intent on including your campaign site on your signs, consider removing the “www” to shorten the address. Remember, most voters who glance at your sign will be driving by at high speeds and won’t be likely to even see the web address unless it’s large enough to notice.

    I generally don’t recommend that candidates include their political campaign websites on yard signs, since it makes them too cluttered and almost never leads to more visits to the site. If you have a website that you are proud of, then I suggest that you mention it on your door-to-door literature or direct mail pieces, instead.