Campaign Nonsense: Newspaper Removes Candidates From Photo

    This has to be one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard of a local newspaper doing. Apparently The Dominion Post, a newspaper published in Morgantown, West Virginia, decided to completely remove the images of three elected officials who appeared in a picture showing the governor signing a bill into law.

    The Dominion Post apparently used Photoshop to manipulate the picture and remove the images of Marion County House of Delegates members Mike Caputo, Linda Longstreth, and Tim Manchin. Here’s the before and after:


    So, why the photo manipulation? Because The Dominion has a policy against running pictures of political candidates running for re-election during campaign season.

    How moronic is that? A newspaper, whose job it is to report the facts in an unbiased and unfiltered fashion, decides to basically lie to its readers by publishing a photograph of a situation that never really happened.

    But why stop there? If The Dominion thinks that it’s morally superior by Photoshopping out the images of office holders during election season, then wouldn’t it be even more moral to get rid of images of elected officials all together?

    I’m sure that The Dominion’s readers would have appreciated it if the paper had erased the image of the governor signing the legislation in that picture, too. We need more photos of ghostly, floating pens signing documents without the help of a human.

    Here’s a heads up: when the media starts manipulating images to show situations that never happened because they think they know what’s best for their audience . . . then we have a big problem.