Buying Political Campaign Materials: Local is Better

    If you’ve never been a candidate for public office before, you’ll likely be surprised at just how many political campaign materials that you’ll need to buy over the course of the election season. Even in small local races, the amount of campaign funds you’ll end up spending on pens, paper, printing, office supplies, signs and dozens of other materials can be staggering if you’re intent on making an effective effort.

    political campaign materialsExactly what campaign materials you’ll need depends on the your overall strategy and needs, but here’s one important thing to remember: you can almost always get any campaign materials you need from local businesses. And staying local when purchasing campaign materials is a good idea for several reasons.

    There are plenty of stores that purport to specialize in campaign materials, but they rarely offer products that can’t be found at local stores. And although these campaign-geared shops might market themselves as the only professional option if you’re a candidate, the fact is that they usually mark up the same materials significantly more than retailers who are closer to home.

    More importantly than the prices, however, is your effort to stimulate the local economy by purchasing campaign items from businesses that are within your district. As a political candidate, the economic health of local businesses should be an important priority for you, and shopping at retailers outside of your district doesn’t exactly reflect well upon your candidacy.

    Even campaign materials that used to only be available from specialty shops and printers can today be bought from local vendors with new, more affordable technology at their disposal. Yard signs, banners, rubber stamps, brochures and fliers used to be difficult to come by locally, but it’s likely that you’ll be able to find professional local providers in a contemporary campaign.

    So remember: keep every facet of your campaign local. While you might have to search a bit more to check off every item on your political list, you’ll be giving yourself the opportunity to both stimulate the local economy and chat with business owners about your candidacy.

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