Are Celebrity Political Campaign Election Endorsements Effective?

    Are candidate endorsements from movie stars, actors, actresses and singers really effective in swaying the vote in high-profile political campaigns and elections

    celebrity political endorsementA lot of celebrities weigh in on national politics by endorsing, holding fundraisers and even cutting political campaign ads for candidates here in the United States, but it seems that this isn’t a phenomenon just limited to our country. There’s a great article about showbiz political campaign endorsers over on the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism today that you should check out if you get a chance. I’m a big fan of the opening paragraph:

    “It is the lawyer who knows the law, it is the fisherman who knows how to fish, and it is the architect who knows how to design buildings. So why should voters rely on celebrities in choosing whom to pick as their political leaders?”


    Great point. Still, the article goes on to point out that a lot of Filipino politicians have won office because of endorsements of celebrities, and that many famous people in showbiz have gone on to become successful elected officials only because of their fame.

    Is that the case here in the United States? I’m not convinced that celebrity endorsements do much for candidates on a national or local level, but you can’t deny that fact that quite a few movie stars have gone on to lead very successful careers in American politics. What do you think?

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