An Election Day Feast to Purge Evil Political Campaign Spirits

    Here’s an election day tradition that we should totally start observing here in the United States.

    According to an article from the Philippine Daily Inquirer, local election winners in Kibungan, Benguet (wherever that is) sponsor a traditional feast meant to appease the gods and cleanse the evil left over from recent political campaigns. The farming-town feast starts with the public slaughter of two pigs. More from the article:

    “As has been the tradition, this feast won’t just be a ‘blowout’ but a common meal to promote reconciliation and harmony again between and among the various candidates who might have verbally hurt or offended each other during the campaign,” said Fausto Songyoen, the town’s civil registrar.

    purge evil election spirits

    A local elder, or manbunong, offered the sacrificial animals to the gods and spirits, invoking them to continue to bless the community and cleanse all the negative impact of verbal attacks and accusations candidates had exchanged during the political campaign.

    I’ll lead by example and start slaughtering a few pigs after every election here in Ohio. If anyone else is interested in cleansing the evils of political campaign season and appeasing the gods, drop Killer Campaigning a note and we can coordinate our efforts.

    In all seriousness, I do like the general idea behind the election day feast: to promote reconciliation between the candidates and encourage members of the community to celebrate together and reach a consensus. I doubt that sacrificing animals to the spirits will ever become fashionable among the political elite here in the U.S.A., but a post-election party that encourages campaign foes to “kiss and make up” isn’t a bad idea at all.

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