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Phil Van Treuren

Hi! My name is Phil Van Treuren, and I’ve worked as a paid consultant and volunteer on dozens of local, state and federal political campaigns. I started Political Campaigning Tips to help candidates for elected office learn from my successes (and mistakes) on the campaign trail. Regardless of your party or the seat you’re running for, the advice on this website will help you win your local political campaign.

My campaign philosophy is simple: I believe that anyone can run a great campaign for elected office and win, regardless of their background or experience. All it takes to win is hard work, discipline and a positive attitude!

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I’m not just a former political consultant . . . I’m also an elected official! The tips that I share on this blog helped me win and retain my current city council seat, and they will help you, too. My campaign strategy posts are geared toward every candidate, regardless of your party: Democrat, Republican, Independent, you name it.

Please feel free to drop me a line if you have any campaign questions, or if you'd like to share your election experiences with our readers!

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